JOIN US as a partner/affiliate

JOIN US!! This is our rallying cry to all those other like-minded
musically related companies, organisations and persons out there.

Let’s jam together, and mutually make some noise.

We’ve sold over 25,000 products globally, but we’re still just beginning our quest. There is great interest in the music market both as a profession, hobby and for lifestyle gifts.

Join us as a ‘Joint-Venture Partner’ an ‘Affiliate’, or as a ‘Publishing Partner’.

Let’s embrace this together… 


Joint Venture Partner

You may not be interested in becoming a Pickpokit Affiliate, but you may see an advantage to being able to offer our products to your customers as a promotional device.

As a Joint Venture Partner we will automatically provide your customers with a discount.

Examples of how you can integrate Pickpokit products include:

• Within a promotion to your customers on your website

• As an emailed promotion

• As a promotion within your print advertising

• As an offer on your ‘Thank You’ page when someone buys or signs up on your website

• As a bonus gift with your other products

We are also interested in your promotional offers – anything that we can include and offer our customers.

Drop us a line if you’re interested


Affiliate Scheme

As an alternative to the Joint Venture option, we can also sign you up to our Affiliate Scheme, here you can earn a 25% commission on all sales that are referred from you to our website.

As an affiliate, you will be given an Affiliate Link, along with banner adverts and images, to be used on your website, emails and promotions.

It’s quite simple, when someone who is directed from you to us buys, you earn 25% of the sale.

Register your interest here


Publishing Partner

On a wider note, we are launching MUSO.LIFE a new music related blog about music in general. We are very interested receiving interesting articles, press releases, news etc that we can use within the site.

The articles can be related to musical instruments, tuition and techniques, songwriting, recording and production, reviews, gear, festivals, historical and retro info’, people etc. – whatever you think is interesting, we will take a look at it.

We will then be promoting the music blog, not just to Pickpokit customers, but independently as a stand-alone entity.

Drop us a line if you’re interested