Guitars, the guitar pick and me


How did I come up with the Pickpokit guitar pick wallet?

Like many teenagers in the 1970’s playing and owning an electric guitar was ‘the dream’. Simple, gadget-free days meant you had to make and find your own entertainment…

The 70’s charts were filled with guitar rock bands – how could you grow up not wanting to be Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendricks, Ritchie Blackmore, Brian May, Dave Gilmour… the list is endless… and who didn’t want to own a Gibson Les Paul or Fender Tele or Fender Strat’…?

Guitarists and guitars were an obsession for many dream-fuelled teenagers in those days. And that included me. I remember very well browsing the local music shops and drooling over what I could never have possibly afforded; only to exit the store with a guitar pick or two – the only thing my pocket money would extend to in those days.

I suppose not everyone can become a rock-guitar god – rock-stardom hasn’t happened for me (yet…),  and I still dine-out on the fact Brian Setzer (Stray Cats) borrowed my band’s PA system when they toured the UK, prior to being signed by EMI.

Once a guitarist always a guitarist…  Needing to make guitars part of my life… I created a guitar brand – a range of electric and acoustic guitars – got my bro on-board (another guitarist)… called the brand ‘Worship’ (see main image – they were too good and too cheap!!)… did you buy one? Over 1000 people did. It was great fun, dream-fulfilling, but sadly cash draining!

Moving forward a year or two, a new idea…  I love  guitar picks, I like using a guitar pick when I play, but often I could never find one… where did they all go to?

With this in mind, I created guitar pick wallet – a sort of ‘safe-house’ where you could store your best guitar pick or picks – we’ve all got different picks for different styles of playing! But I didn’t want something dull – I’m a designer, after all. I wanted something cool, and tangible, I wanted to create a Guitar pick holder that guitarists would actually want for themselves and that their friends and family would want to buy for them…

After many stages of prototypes and refinement – the Pickpokit® Original Guitar Pick Wallet was created. It’s unique layered design is one of the elements that makes it so unique. It really works on a practical level too – I can always find a guitar pick now!

I love it, and so it seems, do 20,000 other guitarists. Really proud of the little fella…

I’m now a ‘dream-fuelled’ mid-lifer enjoying spending time working on ideas for more guitar and music stuff to add to the Pickpokit® family.

There’s always a way to keep your passion for music alive…