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  • the_white_stripes1

    Own an Airline

    If you’re a bit of a guitar geek, or even someone who just appreciates ‘good form’, you will probably...

  • first-guitars

    My First Guitar

    What was your first guitar, or guitars? I defy any passionate guitarist not to look back with feelings of...

  • socks-cushion

    Alternative Christmas Present Ideas

    Are you looking for alternative Christmas present ideas? Personally, I consider it a bad year when I don’t receive any...

  • R-72

    Learning guitar chords is just not enough

    …not if technology has its wicked way and disrupts yet another industry. Of course it is important to learn...

  • worship-ads

    Guitars, the guitar pick and me

    How did I come up with the Pickpokit guitar pick wallet? Like many teenagers in the 1970’s playing and owning...

  • jake_bugg_812184

    Artist hits out…

    Jake Bugg has blasted modern music for lacking ”soul”. The ‘Lightning Bolt’ singer has hit out at ”manufactured pop”...