Learning guitar chords is just not enough


…not if technology has its wicked way and disrupts yet another industry. Of course it is important to learn guitar chords, but with the new SENSUS guitar, you’ve got to be prepared to get know more than just guitar chords, you’ve got to become a one-man-band. Which is great if you’re into busking of course.

And as always, it’s good to see that the trusty old guitar pick has yet to be replaced.

First there was the Line 6 Variax. But this particular axe takes guitar and technology to another level, and it is of a different nature to the Variax, which I personally really like for many other reasons.

The SENSUS appears truly revolutionary – I love authentic ‘real’ guitars of all types, but I also love technology and I do think there is a place for this technology driven piece. I’m for anything that inspires great sounds and ideas and this might be something that helps budding guitarist/songwriters – look what it’s done for the likes of Matt Bellamy.

So, if you want to take your playing to another level, other than just strumming the odd guitar chord or two, maybe at last there’s a solution.

I also think the SENSUS could also help guitarists work better with recording technology. I don’t know about other guitarists, but once I’ve laid down my guitar chord structure when recording, I’ve always struggled with having to swap to a midi keyboard to apply other sounds to tracks – maybe this could be a solution? – would love to try it out.

Check out the demo video here – watch how the guitarist builds a full sound over a simple guitar chord structure (see guitar chords are still important!).