Alternative Christmas Present Ideas


Are you looking for alternative Christmas present ideas? Personally, I consider it a bad year when I don’t receive any socks. Whilst not the most adventurous of gifts, they’re probably one of the most useful. After all, you need to replenish all those you’ve worn holes in throughout the previous year don’t you, and what man actually goes out and buys himself socks?

But, I also think socks are one of the only acceptable Christmas present ideas that a caring mother or scatty aunt can get away with; either that or they are given in addition to a ‘main’ present because a partner is fed up with seeing your toes poking through when you’ve got your feet up of an evening.

But socks as a present, let’s be honest, don’t exactly exude much in the way of thoughtfulness, love or caring.

So what are the alternatives? Let’s hope the male in your life likes sport, cars, booze (who doesn’t?); gadgets, gardening, or even being a techie nerd – for all of these figure highly in the categories of Christmas present ideas to peruse, especially for our male friends and family these days.

But what if he likes music?

Not just listening to it… but playing it. The guitar for instance (here’s a brand we particularly like) – still one of the most popular instruments played.

Unfortunately music is a category that isn’t really featured or catered for that much on mainstream retail websites. And if you do actually manage to find the ‘music’ category within your search for alternative Christmas present ideas, you might be able to buy some ‘nice’ guitar cufflinks, or maybe a tie with a cheeky cartoon guitar design on it.

Probably not quite what you were hoping to find for your cool guitarist…? What if you want to find him a ‘proper’ gift, something he hasn’t already got and would actually want to receive. Something practical and unique and above all useful?

This is where the Pickpokit® Original can solve your problems. It’s been called ‘very cool’, in fact it’s had some great feedback, plus it’s something any real, keen and enthusiastic guitarist will appreciate.