How it all started!

It’s amazing how you can spend your whole career going down a certain path, only to go back to what you have always been passionate about. This is exactly what happened to me. As a guitarist from a very early age, I always wanted to do something related to music and guitar, and having flirted with selling guitars previously, I then stumbled on the idea of the Pickpokit.

The idea came from never being able to find a guitar pick when I needed one, or finding them scattered all over the place when I didn’t need one. Then there was the blocked filter on the washing machine!!

But I always had a weird fascination for guitar picks from a young age and considered them a somewhat under-rated part of a guitarists’ kit.

I can remember as a 12 year old, pressing my nose up against the window of Minn’s Music in Taunton to look at the array of Fenders and Gibsons hanging on the wall (this would have been in the 1970s). And then, having worked up the courage to actually go into the shop, armed with no more than a pocket full of small change, proceeding to spend the next half an hour pouring over the trays of multi-coloured pieces of plastic (or celluloid), much to the frustration of the shopkeeper – only to exit with a couple of bizarrely shaped specimens to add to my ever expanding collection of picks. Interestingly it was about another twenty years before I was able to own an actual Fender or Gibson. I’m sure there’s one or two budding rockers out there who can relate to this.

We’re pleased you’ve taken the time to visit our site. We hope if anything we can help keep your own passions alight.

Andy Vickery (founder)